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website hosting what is it ?  

Is a solution that enables you to host your site directly without purchasing a server and preparing it where you will get a server that has been prepared to host your site.

Hosting Services

Hosting Services provides you with a range of advanced controls and tools you can use included as part of your Website Hosting service. They are Anonymous FTP, Protect Directories, Archive Gateway, File Manager, Database Tools such as MySQL Administration and phpMyAdmin, Development Tools consisting of Perl Checker, Home Place Placeholder and SSL Certificate Manager.

Database Tools and MySQL Administration

These tools can be accessed from your Hosting Control Panel by clicking My Hosting Services, then Database Tools.

MySQL Administration is an important tool to use for a number of the Add-Ons offered through your Control Panel. If you plan to use them, you should go to this section and set up your MySQL Database Password if you do not already have one. You can also use this interface to create and delete additional MySQL databases if the feature comes with your hosting plan.

Transfer an existing website

This section is for experienced customers that already have developed a website and want to move it to their new Midi or Maxi Website Hosting Linux location. Once you have received your activation email you are ready to transfer your website from your previous webhost to your new hosting service.
If you wish to transfer your website yourself, follow the directions below.
Important Note: Changing your DNS (Domain Name Servers) to our Name Servers should be the last thing you do – do this only after you have moved and tested your site to your satisfaction. This will ensure the smoothest possible transition for your website.

Website Control Panel

The Website Control Panel is a web based portal which you use to manage your new Website Hosting account. Your Website Control Panel provides you access to a comprehensive set of applications and tools to build and maintain your website, as well as access any additional features such as statistics and database tools.

One-Click Install Apps

The One-Click Installer assists you with installing and managing your 3rd party applications such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. It is integrated and powered by SimpleScripts (an application management utility) and provides you with more options and access to several 3rd party applications. The One-Click Installer will help you install, import, and remove applications as needed.

SSL Certificate Manager

Use this utility in order to create and manage your SSL certificate. This feature enables you to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), assist in mailing the CSR to your Certificate Authority, and enables you to install the certificate once you have purchased and received the SSL certificate from your Certificate Authority. Each Website Service hosting account is installed a Shared SSL Certificate and is Active by default. Important Note: You need to purchase the SSL certificate through another party which you can then install with this Website hosting plan. To set up and install a Private Certificate as well as manage your Private and Shared certificates you need to do the following:
• Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
• Send a CSR to a Signing Certificate Authority (CA)
• Install Your Digital Certificate
• Save a Copy of Your Digital Certificate
• Delete Private Certificate
• Activate Private or Shared Certificate
• Export Certificate
• Import Certificate
• Renew Certificate

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