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Domain name to start targeting your audience online

choose the perfect domain name and start targeting your audience online. get additional services like web hosting ssl certificate free seo services...etc

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Lifetime Free privacy

Nobody likes paying for things that should be free. Lgvps.COM Hosting allow you to protect your identity for free forever. We also provide additional security to protect you from spam and unsolicited contacts.

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Simple integration

We offer simple integration for several popular platforms so you do not need to worry about name servers, propagation or setting DNS records. Simply select the service to link to and be up and running in under a minutes.

Free Domain parking

We offer free parking of your domains and the ability to keep 100% of the advertising revenue generated. You can also control the content, color scheme, layout and more using our parking manager.

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Top Features

1470399662 Marketing

No Hiden fee

Simply the price that will appear to you is the same as the price you will get.

1470399671 SEO

Affordable prices

You will get the right prices. Do not worry after today get everything you want

1470399715 E Commerce

individual or business

Need a few domains for your business or blog? you are in the right place.

1470399674 App Development

powerful tools

Our domain manager allows you to organize and manage your domain with full control.

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Good system security

We provide a number of enhanced security options to help protect your domain name assets

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Easy to use

We offer the easiest domain management. Start today and get rid of the complexities of use


How Can i get a domain name ?

It’s easier than you expect. just check the domain availability then place an order.

How many order can i place?

You can place any number of order. we don’t limit order count. It’s related to your need.

What mean Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

(TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol.

How to transfer my curent domain name ?

Just contact us. we will provide you the full support step by step to transfer it in real time.

what if i don't found my prefered TLD ?

You need just to contact us. where we will enable it for you. 

How To host my domain name with ?

You don’t need to focus about technical task. because we offer a ready hosting solution. just place your order.

Choose the right brand name online

Let your business grow with a perfect domain name