Dedicated server solution

Dedicated server solution

Maintaining servers in-house can be costly. When traffic to your site increases, you will need to buy more
servers to maintain performance. Plus there are the power and air conditioning bills, the waste of physical
space, and the drain on your internal IT team resource. Doesn’t make much sense does it? That’s why we’re
here to help


With our dedicated hosting solutions, we provide the physical server hardware dedicated exclusively to your website and applications.
We offer dedicated servers in a range of business-focused packages, with both Windows and Linux options available.
If you can’t find one that fits your needs exactly, we can custom-build a server for you. You can also choose to add IT solutions such as extra security or business continuity options at any time.


• high security: you have exclusive access to your server and have the capability to restrict access to your server from outsiders
• control in your hands: you have root/admin access so that you can set up your server as you wish
• high performance: enjoy the autonomy of your own server resource and benefit from a high level of performance and computing capacity
• greater reliability: unlike traditional shared hosting, dedicated servers allow you to expand at any pace without being effected by other sites on the same server


Linux or Windows Hosting

We are proud of our reputation for delivering to the highest possible standards. When it comes to our Linux server range we deliver a choice of Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS platforms on quality hardware to ensure reliability and stability. We also offer all Windows Server distributions.

Our servers are supported by our team of Microsoft ® certified engineers who are there to ensure you have the best support possible at all times.

Cisco Firewall Security

A dedicated or managed firewall provides your server with additional protection from unauthorised access, keeping unwanted intruders and hackers away from your websites and sensitive data. Whether you choose a dedicated or managed firewall, our security engineers will assist you in ensuring that your firewall rules and server are secure as can be, allowing you to get on with the more important
things in life

Server Backup

VI uses Bakbone NetVault software to backup clients’ systems. NetVault has been proven over years of use to be a reliable and powerful server backup system. Our system uses a state of the art storage area network (SAN), to backup to virtual tape systems on EMC equipment. Combined with NetVault’s plugins, this enables us to provide extremely fast and efficient live server backups and
restore times for our customers’ websites and applications.




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