Cloud Hosting Is to divide your servers resources to your customers as you wish. It enables you to become a distributor of VPS in the easiest way.


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How can I order cloud HOSTING SOLUTION  

You can do, so just contact us and give us more information about your needs to understand you and give you directions and available offers.

How do I know how much resources I need?

In fact, this depends on the needs of your customers. Requirements may vary depending on customer requirements. All you have to do is plan well and estimate the amount of servers that you can sell over a certain period of time and the amount of resources you need to form them. Then you can demand and work comfortably. As mentioned above, planning is the secret to success before you start well and then do it if you need help. You can contact us and we will try to guide you to plan properly.


Refers to systems, system design approaches and associated service
implementations that deliver a prearranged level of operational performance
to be met during a contractual measurement period.

What cloud hosting mean

Is an option that gives you the possibility to sell servers as you like. All you need is to request resources and then distribute them without having to know the configuration of servers or have experience in the field of hosting.

What is the difference between reseller hosting and cloud hosting

Before talking about the difference, let’s know them both. In short, the cloud hosting is to store server resources and then to divide them into virtual servers and then sell them. The re seller hosting is to buy the servers and resell them directly. The difference in the form of the offer. The two bids are quite different But share more facilities for server service providers in dealing with customers.


As resources are shared and allocated among virtual machines, storage
infrastructure becomes more flexible. This results in storage benefits that
become even more apparent in a fully redundant and highly available storage
provisioning scenario.
The ability to replicate, dynamically reprovision, and centralize storage in a cloud environment resolves many of the common issues plaguing IT organizations today. An IT organization with a centralized storage strategy can realize significant savings by reducing the additional physical and human capital resources required to maintain data integrity, availability, and redundancy.

One of the most difficult IT decisions facing organizations today is the choice between dedicated servers and cloud solutions. When considering a transition, the largest inhibitors are often the initial investment in cloud infrastructure, and the migration strategy from a dedicated environment to the cloud.

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